Eaton Powerware

Eaton Corporation is a diversified industrial manufacturer with 2005 sales of $11.1 billion. Eaton is aglobal leader in electrical systems and components for power
quality, distribution and control; fluid power systems and services for industrial, mobile and aircraft equipment; intelligent truck drivetrain systems for safety and fuel
economy; and automotive engine air management systems, powertrain solutions and specialty controls for performance, fuel economy and safety. Eaton has 59,000
employeesand sells products to customers in more than 125 countries.Once known as a vehicle components supplier, Eaton has diversified to include a broader
industrial and commercial focus. Today, Eaton's businesses comprise four distinct segments: Electrical, Fluid Power, Truck and Automotive.

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Eaton Powerware (Product Range 2007)
1. Agenda
      Eaton Powerware 3-5-9 concept
      Powerware Series 3
      Powerware Series 5
      Powerware Series 9
      Software Product range
   Eaton Powerware 3-5-9 concept    
     Protection against 9 common types of power problems:  
Eaton Powerware
  Eaton Powerware 3 concept  
      Power Failure
       Power Sag
       Power Surge
  Eaton Powerware 5 conceptt  
      Under voltage
       Over voltage
  Eaton Powerware 9 concept  
      Switching Transient
       Line Noise
      Frequency Variation
       Harmonic Distortion


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