Series 3 Power Protection
  Protect against at least 3 of the 9 basic power problems:
   Power failures
 Power sags
 Power surges
 Single-phase units for basic power protection
 Small size and silent operation: Ideal for office environment and other urban areas
1. Powerware 3105 Series 3  
 Rating: 300-700 VA
 Voltage: 230 V
 Frequency: 50/60 Hz

 Single PC, workstation
 Entry level product at a very cost effective price
  Powerware 3105
2. Powerware 3105 Series 3
Cheap and simple for home use Two power ratings to match PC power need
Backup with full load approx. 3 minutes

 IEC outlets 350VA (210W) 500VA (300W)
 Shuko outlets 350VA (210W) 500VA (300W)
      Powerware 3105


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