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 Eaton Introduction
  Eaton Introduction
  • Eaton Corporation is a diversified industrial manufacturer with 2005 sales of $18.1 billion. Eaton is a global leader in electrical systems and components for power quality, distribution and control; fluid power systems and services for industrial, mobile and aircraft equipment; intelligent truck drivetrain systems for safety and fuel economy; and automotive engine air management systems, powertrain solutions and specialty controls for performance, fuel economy and safety. Eaton has 59,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 125 countries.

  • Once known as a vehicle components supplier, Eaton has diversified to include a broader industrial and commercial focus. Today, Eaton's businesses comprise four distinct segments: Electrical, Fluid Power, Truck and Automotive.

Eaton Electrical World Headquarters
Pittsburgh, PA
  Innovation in Your World
  • Eaton is a premier diversified industrial company. We touch some of the most distant corners of the globe – and the most important parts of our daily lives.

  • At Eaton, we're always working on new technologies that offer practical and meaningful uses. Eaton looks at how the world lives and works and then creates smarter products that you can rely on.

  Eaton at Work
  • From Chilean copper pits 10,000 feet up in the Andes Mountains, to South African diamond mines miles below the Earth's surface, to environmentally friendly forestry operations in the Pacific Northwest, Eaton helps companies intelligently use natural resources. Eaton's innovative power control systems – ensuring consistent power flow and quiet performance – improve plant efficiencies and employee working conditions.
  Eaton in Flight
  • One of the first airplanes to use Eaton's functional salt-cooled valves was the Spirit of St. Louis, which carried Charles Lindbergh on his pioneering solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927. Today, Eaton products provide control- and power-critical systems for commercial aircrafts. More than 75% of new large commercial jets and 100% of new military aircraft platforms use Eaton engine-driven hydraulic pumps.

  • Even the boundaries of space are redefined with Eaton. Every time the space shuttle lands, it's guided down the runway with Eaton steering controls.
  Eaton in Toucht
  • Critical data and voice networks use power distribution and power quality products from Eaton to keep them – and the people they serve – up and running.

Eaton Group
Eaton Group

Rated No 1 in UPS of higher rating by Frost & Sullivan

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