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Established in 2002 ,KOMPACT DEVICES, popularly known as “Kompact”, has been extending its rich experience of providing Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (UPS) and power protection products to a widest range of clientele in North India. The dedicated team of engineers and professionals led by Round the clock service, efficient networking and two manufacturing plants, are the core strengths of “Kompact’.

Kompact looking Indian UPS industry over one decade, our capability to develop, deliver and support very sophisticated state-of-art designs encompasses all class of customers.

Access to nationally renowned power protection products in higher kva ratings has broadened KD's offerings to Indian market. Kompact products support critical power conditioning requirements in wide ranging applications, such as Banking, Medical Diagnostic, Process & Automation Industry, Telecom, Pharmacy, Data centers and computer networks and Call centers.

Today, Kompact is equipped to keep pace with contemporary North region developments and market demands. In the years ahead, Kompact envision itself to be the leading player in Indian UPS industry" Over the years, Kompact has many innovations to its credit. Customer feedback and Market intelligence have enabled us in our constant endeavor to enhance our capabilities with the help of facilities. Moving with the times, we have kept pace with technological advancements the world over, and are proud to say that we are second to none in our chosen field."


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