Powerware Software Product Range
  Powerware Software solutions
  • Network shutdown SW
  • Comprehensive operating system coverage
  • Advanced monitoring
  • UPS performance analysis
  • Statistical tools, ProGraph trending
  • ConnectUPS Web/ SNMP adapter shutdown agent
 Powerware Software solutions
  Powerware Connectivity
   Relay (AS/400) cards
  • connection automation and monitoring systems, IBM AS/400 shutdown
  • Comprehensive operating system coverage
 ModBus adapter
  • For industrial and building management systems
 RS-232 serial cards
  • MultiPort card - 6 serial ports
  • Single port card
  USB XSlot card
Relay (AS/400) cards

ModBus adapte

RS-232 serial card

  Connect UPS Web/SNMP card
    Monitor UPS status through browser interface

Integration to Network Management Systems with SNMP

  Initiate computer shutdown in case of prolonged power failure
            Connect UPS Web/SNMP card

  Environmental Monitoring Probe
    Enables measurement of ambient temperature and humidity with the ConnectUPS Web/SNMP card

Monitor the status of two (2) additional contact devices/sensors


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